Ubonglife farms and livestock limited

My name is Ubong Patrick Udo, farmer, I am the founder of Ubonglife farms and livestock limited, I live in Obot Akara, Nigeria, Our farming activities are community-driven in the sense that we look after each other by way of having a farmer’s cooperative, Apart from the common crops we cultivate, Palm fruit stands out as a major cash crop in the rural community because of its oil and many derivatives.

Oil palm fruits are primarily processed for its oils which are palm oil, vegetable oil and a kind of traditional black oil used in traditional medicine. The kernel’s chaff can also be used to make a variety of things which includes pig feed and candles etc.
The palm kernel cracking business is a booming business in the part of my country where I live, that’s why I want to take the opportunity to ask for your collective support in raising capital to put resources in place that will ensure the business takeoff. The business has enormous benefit to my community, especially the women as they will be paid for drying and washing of the kernels when they are dried, already the palm fruits business is the highest employer of women in rural areas, I am seeking a fundraising of $5,000 to enable me pursue these goals
Below is the breakdown of the needed equipment and resources
1. The kernel cracking machine with chaff separator – $900
2. Land acquisition – $700
3. buying of palm kernels for the start – $500
4. Drilling of borehole Water – $500
5. Buying of a portable diesel generator – $800
6. Labour and other miscellaneous -$1,600
Total: $5,000
Phone & WhatsApp; +2348062905039