Tosiyo Helping Hands Orphan's Organization

Hello network, my name is David Nantamba. I live and work in the village called Makindye within Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, near the the shore of Lake Victoria. 
I’m here to seek help from you donors who have a softened heart, who have come to save Africa’s orphans and disabled kids. 
My organization, TOSIYO Helping Hands Orphans Organization cares for 506 orphans and disabled kids in the village. 
We are struggling to save these generation of tomorrow, future presidents, lawyers, doctors and very many others. They are the reason we are seeking help from you kind hearted people to come and join us as we perform this useful task towards Africa’s orphans and disabled kids in Uganda. 
Three years ago we had some volunteers but what made things worse, three of them—Donald Davis and two others—died of COVID 19. Leaving our orphans and disabled kids crying with no hope, just confused and unable to pay to lease on our orphanage and land. Tosiyo Helping Hands orphans organization cares for 506 orphans and disabled kids feeding, sheltering, clothing and comforting. 
Please come and help us, Almighty God will reward you also. We need to raise 17,500 US dollars to pay our rent for the year, feed education, clothing comforting and house the orphans, help with their school fees and very many others. 
In case of any help or other information please contact my organization or me directly: 
Tosiyo Helping Hands orphans organization: Facebook
WhatsApp number: 0787323782