Springs Integrated Farm

Like every well-meaning person or group of persons, it has been my desire to create a future for our youths who are at a loss because of bad government that my country is faced with. In view of this, I had started a farm( Springs integrated farms) where I train few persons on farming. The little we had so far done is commendable and has fuel our passion to do more. Our passion is to expand what we have started and sustain it so as to help unemployed youths, enabling them to be self-employed and this would go as far as reducing crime rate. It has proven time again that those who are engaged in meaningful ventures tend to be those who build the society and grow the economy.
What we are into:
We are into fruits and vegetables cultivation such as pineapple, cucumber, okra, and tomatoes. With the little capital in our disposal, we have been able to train up to ten (10) youths within our community on the production of the above-mentioned crops and the result is very encouraging and rewarding.
Our need:
Currently, our need centres around expansion as well as acquisition of more land to enable us reach out to other youths by taking them off the street to prevent them from going into drugs, prostitution, and other vices. Due to the high inflation in our country, the little money we are able to make is not enough to give us the financial freedom to do more. Therefore, we need financial support in order for us to be able to carry out the expansion of this lofty vision.
Our Goal:
We intend to build a robust and better society through agriculture. Our youths were deceived to neglect agriculture which was the main stay of our economy before the discovery of Crude Oil in commercial quantity in my country and this has caused so much unemployment and hardship in our country. We want to change this trend and re-introduce our youths into commercial agriculture and farming in order to improve their economic well being as well as for them to be able to contribute meaningfully to the society.
How we intend to achieve our goal:
At the moment, some of the few persons we have trained have been given seedlings and technical assistance to run their small farm holdings and the yields are good. We will bring in more trainees, and after the production, we will provide them with improved seedlings, and other farm inputs and we will be on ground to provide any necessary technical assistance that they may require. Furthermore, we will link them up with the right market that will buy the crops at favourable prices in order to encourage them to remain in the farming and agro-business.
Our Gratitude:
We are thankful that we have been introduced to African Activist and more so that African Activist has taken upon herself to support and promote such programmes and ideas as ours to ensure sustainable development in developing nations which Nigeria is among. We promise to stand our ground and make good use of whatever support that we will receive from African Activist in order to grow our economy and also provide for ourselves and families.