My name is Mr. Eliakim Odongo.   I am vision bearer and director of this organization. We are dealing with the care for of orphans in three main areas: health, education and protection.
Our organization finds homes for orphans and provides health, education and protection services to them. Most of the children are vulnerable, HIV and AIDS victims. Some are on drugs, We provide schooling within our home compound, and children rights protection. At the same time we supply services to both outpatients and inpatients, paying funds to the health facility.
School is open to everyone, we pay school fees to maintain the school as well as a boarding facility. We feed orphans and other children in need.
In order to feed everyone, we  are engaged and involved in farming. We have taken mostly unplowed farms and turned them into food-producing enterprises. We train widows, widowers and orphans in  new agricultural farming activities and methods, resulting in bumper harvests. When we do farming we get someone with oxen to plough and we allocate to him a portion of the land donated to us with a quarter of the food going to him, we keep the rest. We all pitch in to plant, weed and harvest. Farming is the way we achieve food security, but we need money for tools and farm equipment. We are always appealing and praying earnestly for any private, individual and government and non-government organization and organization to help us. We have been asking ourselves when will we have partners, philanthropist and donors.