Ngabunga's Brain Organization for Development, NBOD

I’m January Mutimanwa, Congolese by nationality. I reached Nakivale Refugee camp in 2015. Due to the War and conflicts, I ended up as a refugee. I had to stop my studies in standard 6 where I was enrolled in D.R. Congo. I reached New Kigali in Uganda and started attending Adults Evening class for English. I spent a year learning English at the Best Future Center. Fortunately, I was able to get a job and I devoted myself to teaching children. Due to the challenges of my community, I decided to leave there after working for a year. I started saving my community here in New Kigali. I got this great idea of creating this organization NBOD, After seeing on how people’s lives were at that time. I now have a role as founder and CEO of NBOD (Ngabunga’s Brain Organization for Development)

We have created a project titled Feed The Community.

We believe that teaching refugees the techniques of permaculture will allow more than 400 people to rely on themselves and build their confidence. We’re breaking the cycle of poverty with food security using Permaculture Principles. Our Permaculture Program teaches the sustainable raising of crops & domestic animals. 

Self-Sufficiency. We believe by learning permaculture we shall do great things in the future. By  growing food, everything is possible in our life.  In regards to the situation that forced displaced people live in and their integration in the community, this project seeks to support a tailoring workshop in Nakivale , this one will help 400 displaced women to acquire permanent skills in tailoring and be able to sustain their families and easily integrate in the community. Also we will implement a computer hub in the same learning centre to empower the community with computer literacy skills which helps in breaking illiteracy.