FarmCom Kenya Limited

My name is Silas Mwambegu Kenga, A Kenyan by Birth. I am the Founder of FarmCom Kenya Limited an organization that I started in October 2022
I live in kilifi County, Kilifi North Sub County, Tezo ward, Zowerani Location, Kenya.
FarmCom Kenya Limited main activities include Farming which is community based , Environmental activism and Climate Change Initiatives which are all inter related in one way or the other. We do Farming, Tree Planting, Beach Cleaning Events etc
We are currently planning to plant over 10 million Trees in the next 12 Months that shall help manage and control the Environment, Climate Change and Global warming Effects in our affected region kilifi County.
We shall need both indigenous trees and other local Trees that do well in the region, also Establishment of Tree Nurseries, that shall be used to continuously supply seedlings to the community members.
We also want to recover and restore the Quarries that were left bare so that these lands can be put into Agricultural use again.
Project Beneficiaries
1- Youth and Women
2- School going Children
3- Jobless Community members who will establish the Tree Nurseries 
4- County government
We are kindly requesting for your funding donations of $22,000 to facilitate the following activities, A breakdown of the funds in quotation can be found in the GoFundMe link below.