caro grains ventures

My name is Caroline Etuk, Mother of four children living in Nsit Ubium County in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

I am seeking funding to set up a grain business in my community, The recent subsidy removal on premium motor spirit(Petrol) has stretched the income of households across the country especially low income earners like me, This is the reason I want to start this business to be able to support my family needs, The locals consume rice, beans, millet, sorghum on a daily basis and since this is a common food for the community,
There’s already that existing market for these goods to be sold. This will bring the market closer to the people in my community as currently, locals in my own community have to trek to the next village to buy these grains. Also, as the business grows, I’ll employ labour from the community.
Am seeking the following support to achieve this goal
1. Construction of stall- $1000
2. Purchase of grains – $2000
Phone number: +2349014967222