Hope for Refugees Organization

I am called josh wesley. I am a Congolese by nationality but currently a refugee living in Uganda precisely in Nakivale refugee settlement. 
I am the founder of a community based organization called Hope for Refugees Organization.
It deemed necessary to establish this organization for the purpose of solving evident that we refugees living in Nakivale are facing. Like: 
-Less Education among refugees orphans, abandoned children, kids and teenagers, 
-Teenager girls early pregnancy, 
-Hunger and poor sanitation. 
We in Hope for Refugees are fighting against illiteracy in the camp to refugees orphans, abandoned children, kids and teenagers by providing a free basic education to them. 
We are committed again to bringing food security to refugees families through teaching them how to use the available land to grow organic food and helping families establish organic food home gardens. because every refugee now is living by they own means and food is the biggest problem due to World Food Program(WFP) announced that it lacking funds to support refugees food ration that was usually of 4$ to 5$ a month 
The help we are asking is to help us build a tent room where our 200 refugees children can be learning in and avoid being attacked by weather that leads them becoming sick. 
In the same tent room family heads and adults can be learning there farming skills and many many different trainings like peace of mind and conflicts resolution.