Ubonglife farms and livestock limited

Our farming activities are community-driven in the sense that we look after each other by way of having a farmer's cooperative,

FarmCom Kenya Limited

FarmCom Kenya Limited main activities include Farming which is community based , Environmental activism and Climate Change Initiatives ,

Tosiyo Helping Hands Orphans' Organization

Helping, supporting and providing education, feeding, sheltering, clothing and comforting these orphans and disabled kid's hearts

Ngabunga's Brain Organization

We believe that teaching refugees the techniques of permaculture will allow more than 400 people to rely on themselves and build their confidence

Fridays For Future Youth Idjwi

Our project name: Congo Tree. We fight against global warming, deforestation and we plant fruit trees practice Agro forestry to alleviate the problem of natural disasters and to reduce pollution.

Super cedar Academy

A good foundation in elementary education is key for the educational development of a child especially children in rural areas in sub sahran Africa.


ASOSOasbl is a non-governmental organization fighting against global warming, education, health hygiene and human rights based in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the province of South Kivu in the city of Bukavu

Hope for Refugees Organization.

It deemed necessary to establish this organization for the purpose of solving evident that we refugees living in nakivale are facing. Like: -Less Education among refugees orphans


Our organization finds homes for orphans and provides health, education

Caro Grain ventures

The current economic realities in my country especially the recent removal of fuel subsidy by government has really affected households negatively especially with basic needs.

New Talent

We are NTG, known as New Talent for the best future initiative, based and created in Uganda | Nakivale Refugee Camp in the year 2020 with a strong mission of Raising marginalized children and Youths' Talents troper and inclusive Education. 

Vamy CBO

My Name is Jules Shengo, The founder and director of Vamy, A community based organisation based in Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana West, Kenya. The camp has a refugee population of 201, 579

Springs Integrated Farm

Like every well-meaning person or group of persons, it has been my desire to create a future for our youths who are at a loss because of bad government that my country is faced with


NEW HOPE FOR POOR projects Reforestation and land restoration project We still want to pursuit with our project up to achieve our goal of planting 1 Million trees in the region by 2021, through producing seedlings of

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