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Help African Grassroots Activists

This website seeks to unite local African community activists with the people who want to support them.

Many small-scale projects never come to the awareness of potential donors because of various barriers: geographic distance, access to internet and other technology, language and cultural differences, etc. Only aid groups with larger budgets can afford to make their projects known to a wide enough audience to properly fund their work. 

Direct donations to projects aiding local communities is the most efficient type of help—100% of the money goes directly to the project—but it’s hard to find out about these projects for the reasons listed above. 

Luckily there is strength in numbers, and bringing multiple small projects together onto one website and advertising together is an attempt to bridge the gap.

Some of our featured activists are running orphanages, some are planting sustainable gardens, some plant trees, run community clean-ups, some create and run educational institutions. Some are seeking to finance their own education or the education of a family member. And some do more than one of those things, all on shoestring budgets and with limited access to donors. 

The Founder

Ken Batts

Hello, my name is Ken Batts, I live in the state of Massachusetts in USA. The idea for this project—Help African Grassroots Activists—came as I as working for another activist group, Fridays for Future International, the climate organization founded by Greta Thunberg and dedicated to lowering the production of greenhouse gases, especially in the wealthiest countries where high rates of C02 production are seen. I became aware of the large number of African grassroots activists working in their communities on their environment—tree planting, sustainable food production, plastic clean ups, etc. I wanted to do something to help them be seen and heard by people who could support their projects with donations.

Are you an Activist?

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